SA man arrested for smuggling 20kg of marijuana

By Doug Mattushek - 24 June 2019Views : 167

A South African man was arrested for attempting to smuggle 20kg of marijuana into South Korea earlier in June.

Reports revealed that a 40-year-old man was arrested on June 2 after a customs inspection at Jeju International Airport found 20 kgs of marijuana wrapped in plastic in his luggage. The amount has an estimated street value of $1.7 million in South Korea.

The man, whose name is being withheld, is facing imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of $44 000.

Since the South African Constitutional Court has decriminalised the personal use of marijuana, there has been an increase in smuggling. In October 2018, a South African woman was arrested after 18kgs of marijuana was found in her bag at Gimbe International Airport.