Suspect killed during Cash-In-Transit attempt

By Chanice Jennike - 29 June 2019Views : 201

One person has been shot and killed following a foiled Cash-In-Transit Heist in Boschfontein, Mpumalanga.

The incident which happened on Thursday morning near the Nkomazi Magistrate’s Court. led to a shootout .

During the shootout between Security Officers and the alleged robbers, one suspect was fatally wounded and a second suspect was also allegedly wounded. The wounded suspect and eight of his accomplices fled the scene in several vehicles.

At the time when the suspects were fleeing the scene, one of their vehicles collided with a tree, police later discovered that it had been fitted with false registration number plates. An investigation is underway and police are tracking down the suspects who fled the scene.

Police have also notified the health department to be on the lookout for a suspect with a gun-shot wound who could seek medical help.