Police search for driver who clocked 322km/h

By Chanice Jennike - 06 July 2019Views : 240

Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect filmed clocking 322km/h in his vehicle on the R21 highway in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

The video, which made the rounds on social media, is filmed from the passenger seat, with the time of 4pm and the speed visible on the dashboard.

According to reports, the car is believed to have been a Nissan GT-R, which was in a dramatic chase with a motorbike.

A spokesperson for the Ekurhuleni metro police department, Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said that they have received a tip-off of who the suspect might be.

“We have received information from somebody who is in the know of the type of vehicle used,” Kgasago said.

“That vehicle is a special vehicle and there are few of them in South Africa. So maybe we could sift through records and see where the owners stay and our investigation can take that route.”