Man sentenced to life behind bars for murder

By Chanice Jennike - 09 July 2019Views : 361

A 41-year-old man has been sentenced to life behind bars after he was found guilty of the murder of a 44-year-old woman in the Northern Cape.

Jan Esterhuise was found guilty for the brutal murder of Riana du Toit and was sentenced by the Northern Cape High Court on Friday.

He was also found guilty for robbery with aggravating circumstances.

According to reports, the victim stopped her vehicle to offer a lift to Esterhuise as he was hitchhiking.

“Esterhuise grabbed Riana and took her outside the vehicle, assaulted and robbed her of her belongings. It emerged in court during the trial that Esterhuise bludgeoned Riana’s head with rocks and left her to die just next to her car. She suffered severe head injuries and she subsequently sustained various facial lacerations.”

The victim was discovered by her colleague on a dirt road between Sutherland and Merweville.

Judge Alme Stanton found that Esterhuise had not shown any remorse for the murder of Du Toit.

She sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder and 15 years imprisonment for the aggravated robbery. The sentences were ordered to run concurrently.