Mobi Dixon back at work after doctor-ordered break

By Oluthando Keteyi - 25 July 2019Views : 220

Top Chap Media record label CEO and DJ, Mobi Dixon, has returned to regular posting on social media after taking a break.

On Wednesday, the Bhutiza hitmaker took to social media to share the reason for his hiatus.

"For the past month my family and my doctor have been strongly advising me to take time off and reflect," wrote Dixon.

Mobi Dixon's mini social media break happened following the death of his artist Nichume Siwundla, who died in an apparent suicide in June.

In his post, the DJ tells his followers that he "got time to re-evaluate a lot about life and relationships" during his break.

Nichume's death was surrounded by allegations that the vocalist’s family blamed Mobi Dixon for her death, following tweets by unverified Twitter account ‘Man’s Not Barry Roux'.

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A series of tweets posted on the account, which is famously known for “releasing files” detailed how “Mobi Dixon is the cause of death, he is the cause why she committed suicide”.

Top Chap Media, later released a statement saying that they “will respect the wishes of the family and refrain from making any further statements or comments about Nichume.”

The company in the statement did not address the allegations levelled against its CEO.