WATCH: Jesse Clegg pays tribute to late father with moving tribute

By Oluthando Keteyi - 26 July 2019Views : 244

Fans, friends and families gathered on Friday gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre to pay their final respects to the late South African musician Johnny Clegg.

Clegg passed away on July 16 at the age of 66.

In 2015, Clegg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it is believed that this was the cause of the singer’s death.

At the memorial service, Clegg's son Jesse paid tribute to his father with a performance of the song they wrote together, I've Been Looking.

"It's a song about the things in life you can't replace ... to my dad that was his family. Despite his success, his role in his family was his most important. He was a vulnerable, generous and loving role model for my brother and I," said Jesse.