Bonang says this is final season of ‘Being Bonang’

By Chanice Jennike - 28 July 2019Views : 199

Bonang Matheba recently had fans in their feelings when she announced that season three of, Being Bonang will be the final season of the popular reality TV show.

Bonang surprised fans when she announced that she was filming a show about the day to day life of Queen B. 

The show quickly became a fan favourite in Mzansi and fans couldn’t get enough of Bonang, her cousin, Pinky Girl and the rest of the people in the media personality’s life.

In season three, Bonang let us in on the launch of House of BNG and how she mended her friendship with Somizi. 

Taking to Twitter recently, Bonang revealed that season three will be the final season of Being Bonang

“Definitely the final season of Being Bonang,” she said. 

Fans were not impressed with Bonang’s announcement and quickly tried to persuade Bonang to change her mind. 

“No !! As the chairman of the BFORCE I say No !!” one user wrote.

“Nooo. One more season then you can call it quits. You make a person smiles throughout the entire episode. One more season, an hour per episode then we say goodbye,” another wrote. 

Bonang has not responded to fans request for another season.