BForce not ready to say goodbye to ‘Being Bonang’

By Oluthando Keteyi - 30 July 2019Views : 162

Reality show, Being Bonang, has just returned for its third season, much to fans delight, however, it seems this might be the last season of the popular show.

Bonang gave fans what they wanted by giving them a new season of her hit reality show but will not be giving them another season.

Taking to social media Queen B, announced, that the current season of Being Bonang is “definitely the final season”.

The news did not sit well with her fans, who are loving watching all the action Mo’ghel gets up to with her cousin Pinky Girl.

However, this is not the first time that Bonang has spoken about the future of her show. After the first season, Bonang had said that there would be no season two but due to popular demand, the show returned.

Fans were not impressed with Bonang’s announcement and quickly tried to persuade Bonang to change her mind. 

“No !! As the chairman of the BFORCE, I say No !!” one user wrote.