Ntsiki Mazwai on Moja Love's statement: That's deep, yo!

By Oluthando Keteyi - 02 August 2019Views : 950

On Thursday, Ntsiki Mazwai dominated the trends lists on Twitter after her comments regarding SABC 2's Morning Live presenter Leanne Manas.

This week, Manas celebrated 15 years on Morning Live and whilst most people congratulated her for the achievement, Mazwai had a rather different opinion.

In a series of spicy tweets, Mazwai shared her thoughts on Manas' presenting skills and her "enjoying privilege".

The Moja Love presenter's comments caused so much of a stir that her employers released a statement distancing themselves from Mazwai's views.

"The views expressed by Ntsiki Mazwai are not those of the channel and were expressly made by Ms Mazwai in her personal capacity. Moja Love values loves and respects all South Africans and we celebrate all the diversity that enriches our country," read the statement.

Moja Love also added, "we do not condone any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, culture or in any other form," the statement read, wishing Leanne a happy 15th work anniversary."

The Show Me Love talk show host did not take her employers statement lying down and released her own rebuttal about "Leanne Mannas and Moja Love".

"The statement from Moja Love: that's deep, yo! I don't understand how come you haven't sent out press releases for when I attack black people, but now it is time to grovel for white people and you are there," says Mazwai in a video posted on Twitter.