Cape Town braces for "total shutdown" on Thursday

By Doug Mattushek - 07 August 2019Views : 5966

Cape Town residents are gearing up for their own total shutdown protest on Thursday, organised by activist group Gatvol Capetonian.

However, there is some debate on just how "total" the shutdown will be...

"Only 13 areas have confirmed they will be taking part at the moment," group spokesperson Fadial Adams told the Cape Times.

"There are so many factors at play. There is the weather, Law Enforcement intimidation, our people have been receiving calls from SAPS, some ward councillors are threatening they will be locked up, we don't know, we'll see tomorrow."

SAPS confirmed that the potential affected areas include Beacon Valley, Tafelsig, Eastridge, Woodlands, Parkwood, Lavender Hill, Kensington, Factreton, Ocean View, Elsies Rivier, Delft, Bo-Kaap, Ottery, Egoli informal settlement and Mamre.

"It's never been done on this scale before. Never before have the coloured community come out in this way,” continued Adams.

"We are always protesting in silos and this is the reason why the City can ignore us or make us rubbish promises they know they won't keep. This time we don't want promises, we want cast-iron guarantees.

"After the protest we will be handing our memorandum to the mayor, the MEC and the minister and we will be giving them only 21 days to come up with a plan. They will have to burn the candle at both ends because our people will not suffer any longer than they absolutely have to.

"After 21 days, if we don't get those cast-iron guarantees then we will start again and it will be indefinite. Cape Town will be closed for business."

Issues the group hopes the City will address include the lack of housing, jobs and the perpetuation of apartheid-style spaitial planning.