Understaffed Hawks deep in State Capture investigations

By Doug Mattushek - 07 August 2019Views : 705

Hawks head Godfrey Lebeya admitted being understaffed but they are forging ahead with thousands of investigations.

Lebeya told The Sowetan that they are currently sitting with over 2000 fraud cases but their resources are stretched thin.

"We are half of what we are supposed to be, but we are working on that one," said the Hawks boss.

"The more we get, the more we need to be able to respond. If we are few, it means it takes time and gives the criminals time to spend the loot that they have. We need more resources."

Lebeya also revealed the need to delve into the revelations brought forward by the ongoing State Capture Inquiry post haste.

"Most of the cases that are being cited at state capture are already under investigation," he confirmed.

"They were already being investigated so we continue with the investigation. We can't be waiting until the [state capture] report is released when there are clear indications that crime had been committed."