Activists gather for three day protest at Hong Kong airport

By Doug Mattushek - 09 August 2019Views : 584

Over one thousand protesters have gathered at the Hong Kong International Airport on Friday to raise awareness for their cause.

Reuters reports that the activists are mostly wearing black and have planned for a three day sit in at the arrivals area to share their plight to international visitors. The protesters were handing out leaflets stating their cause.

“Please forgive us for the ‘unexpected’ Hong Kong,” the English leaflets read.

“You’ve arrived in a broken, torn-apart city, not the one you have once pictured. Yet for this Hong Kong, we fight”.

Hong Kong has been the scene of weekly protests since the passing of the extradition bill, where criminal subjects were set to be extradited to China for trial. While activists earned a victory when the bill was suspended, the movement has now called for more demands that move it away from Chinese influence, including the resignation of Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam.

Chinese leadership has warned the demonstrators not to “underestimate the resolve of the central government”.