NHI aims to be fully implemented by 2026

By Doug Mattushek - 09 August 2019Views : 403

Government is aiming to have the much-discussed National Health Insurance fully operational by 2026.

The NHI Bill was released in Parliament on Thursday and was reportedly well received by most, but certainly not short of its detractors.

Issues around the bill include the funding of the estimated R256 billion per annum running costs. It is clear that Mzansi’s already overstretched taxpayers are going to be footing some of that bill.

"Once appropriated, the revenue allocated to the fund must be paid through a budget vote to the fund as determined by agreement between the fund and the minister and subject to the provisions of the Constitution and the Public Finance Management Act," the bill states.

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While there is still much to be ironed out, the Health Department’s deputy director general Anban Pillay revealed there are strict timelines to be met.

"The NHI is intended to be implemented over a 7-year period from now," said Pillay.

"It's planned to be fully implemented by 2026 through a phased implementation approach and the bill identifies the two phases - we are now in phase two - and then there's a phase three thereafter. Phase two ends in 2022, phase three commences in 2023 to 2026."