Trump under pressure due to gun control legislation

By Doug Mattushek - 10 August 2019Views : 660

As the mother of the man arrested for the slaughter of 22 people in El Paso, Texas said she called police out of concern he had a military-style weapon.

President Donald Trump and most Republicans continued to reject calls for action against an epidemic of mass shootings, conscious of the importance of gun owners to the party in next year's national elections.

Meanwhile, the White House, was accused of using the two shootings last weekend to promote Trump, after it released a video of his visit to hospitalized shooting victims. Where an aide gushed it showed him being greeted like a "rock star".

Trump visited hospitals in El Paso and Dayton and the White House released photographs and video footage showing doctors and nurses applauding him.

Lawyers for the mother of Patrick Crusius, the accused El Paso shooter, said she had called police in Allen, Texas. Weeks before the 3 August attack as she was concerned about his owning an AK-47-type assualt rifle.

Chris Ayres and R.Jack Ayres, the lawyers, who are from Dallas told CNN that the mother of Crusius was worred given her son's age, maturity level and lack of experience with such a weapon.

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But the police officer told her that her 21-year-old son was legally allowed to purchase the weapon, and nothing was done about the "informational call", according tpo the lawyers.

This fed into mountung anger in the wake of the back-to-back shootings in El Paso on Saturday and Dayton, Ohio on Sunday, which together left 31 dead and many more wounded.

Both attacked were carried out by solitary white men armed with assault weapons.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the country's most senior Democratic politician, wrote a letter to Trump urging him to call the Republican-controlled Senate back from its summer break to consider "gun violence prevention" legislation.

In her letter, she said "This extraordinary moment in our history requires all of us to take extraordinary action to save lives", Pelosi wrote. 214 US mayors made the same demand, in an open letter.

The head of America's powerful gun lobby on Thursday, Wayne LaPierre said in a statement that:

"The NRA opposes any legislation that unfairly infringes upon the rights of law-abiding citizens".