Cassper Nyovest shares advice on dealing with toxic relationships

By Chanice Jennike - 11 August 2019Views : 412

Cassper Nyovest recently opened up about toxic relationships and shared an important life lesson that he was taught while growing up.

The rapper said that life has taught him a few harsh lessons and that he often had to learn things the hard.

Taking to Twitter, Cassper said that the way people treat you will show you what they think of you and where you stand.

"One of them is not to force yourself onto people. If they f*ck with you, they'll make an effort. If they don't, you'll know it."

Cassper said that after learning this, his life has had less drama and has been "mad smooth" ever since. 

"My life been mad smooth since I learnt that. I only have relationships that are mutually nourished. I don't chase."