Miss SA undetrred by poll, claims 'beauty is subjective'

By Doug Mattushek - 11 August 2019Views : 2797

Newly Crowned Miss SA, Zozibini Tunzi shrugged off a distasteful social media poll released by Metro FM.

The controversial poll, which was taken down by Metro FM, asked Mzansi if Tunzi was ‘stunning’, the ‘wrong choice’ or ‘just ok’ in a poll on twitter.

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While the Eastern Cape beauty was made aware of the poll, Tunzi was not too concerned of its creation or the result. In fact, the public relations graduate placed her intellect in higher regard than her looks.

"People have been sending me screenshots of it and it’s a bit sad," Tunzi told The Sowetan.

"People have their opinion and it is what it is. Beauty is subjective. You look different to different people, which is why beauty is not even a thing for me.

"If you say to me that 'you are ugly' I don’t even care. I’d be more affected if someone said I wasn’t smart. Then I would have been hurt. But being pretty? I don’t really care and not interested."

In this age of airbrushed instagram models and butt implants, Tunzi’s comments are certainly refreshing.