Does Mzansi recycle enough?

By Doug Mattushek - 12 August 2019Views : 447

Well the short answer is no, South Africa can do much more recycling, but we have made huge strides.

Recycling International revealed that South Africa sends about 95 million tonnes of waste to landfills, of which less than 40% is recycled annually. The picture is more bleak when it comes to hazardous waste, where only 6% of the 65 million tonnes is recycled.

However, Mzansi is doing well with plastics. Apart from retailers doing their bit to reduce the use of single-use plastics, much of it is recycled. In fact, the average recycling rate of plastics is at 43%, significantly higher than Europe’s 31%.

When it comes to metal, we do even better. Companies such as Collect-A-Can were estimated to have recycled 72% of all beverage cans and over 75% of all metal packaging in 2018.