Gatvol Capetonian undeterred by criticism, will protest again

By Doug Mattushek - 12 August 2019Views : 413

Activist group Gatvol Capetonian have vowed to take to the streets again despite criminal charges being laid against them.

Last Thursday, the group took to the streets, blockading intersections as part of the protest. However, some turned violent and the City of Cape Town blamed the group for R1.5 million in damages during the protest.

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Group leader, Fadiel Adams, told the Cape Argus that he will continue to fight for the end to apartheid regime-style spatial housing.

"The City has invented a system that only caters for the elites and whites," lamented Adams.

"And we are tired of it we want what has been promised to us. We will be doing it again and we will be stronger, we are not afraid of JP Smith or [ward councillor] Angus Mckenzie."

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith pointed out the negatives of last Thursday's "total shutdown".

"Perhaps the worst misery was felt by residents of communities where the protests took place and where schools, clinics, libraries and other amenities were affected and where service and emergency vehicles could not gain access and where residents could not get to work or take children to school due to the illegal blockading of the roads," said Smith.

"Many were attacked in their vehicles attempting to drive past protests and were left traumatised."