Lotto luck strikes twice for Mitchells Plain man

By Oscar Sanders - 13 August 2019Views : 296

A Mitchells Plain man, who has remarkably won the lotto for the second time, says he is going to 'invest a large portion of the winnings so that (his) family never suffers again'.

The man, who remains anonymous, brought his ticket from a Total garage in Highlands Drive and Fulham Road, and used the quick pick selection option - betting R20. He ended up winning R61million - much more than he won the first time when he came away with R75 000.

Speaking to SA’s national lottery operator, Ithuba, he revealed that before his first success, him, his wife and three children were living in a separate entrance and struggling to make ends meet. But he used the R75 000 to buy a four-bedroomed house.

But this time he plans to buy a much bigger house with a bedroom for each child, whilst investing in each family member's future.

“This money will change our family’s life forever. I can now afford to buy a much bigger house where each of my children can have their own bedroom. I want to invest a large portion of the winnings so that my family never suffers again,” he said.

On the secret to selecting winning numbers, he said: “When I play a quick pick selection method and the ticket doesn’t win, I never throw it away. I always use that ticket to carefully pick my next set of numbers.

“It is usually the numbers that did not come up in the previous draws. I have a drawer full of lottery tickets and each time I want to select my own numbers, I pull them out and use them as clues to guess the winning numbers. This time, however, the quick pick method worked.

The winner said he would not stop playing the lottery.