63 dead after bomb blast at wedding in Kabul

By Doug Mattushek - 18 August 2019Views : 1077

A suicide bomber claimed the lives of 63 people at a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday night.

The blast ripped through the wedding hall in west Kabul, killing wedding guests and leaving over 180 injured.

"My family, my bride are in shock, they cannot even speak...my bride keeps fainting," the groom told local television.

"I lost my brother, I lost my friends, I lost my relatives. I will never see happiness in my life again. I can't go to the funerals, I feel very weak ... I know that this won't be the last suffering for Afghans, the suffering will continue."

While the Taliban are currently in the midst of negotiations with the US over the withdrawal of US forces, the group has denied any involvement in the attack.

"There is no justification for such deliberate and brutal killings and targeting of women and children," Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujaheed said in a text message to the media.

Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack on the majority Shi'ite Muslim neighbourhood.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack, calling it "barabaric".

"I strongly condemn the inhumane attack on the wedding hall in Kabul last night," tweeted Ghani.

"My top priority for now is to reach out to the families of the victims of this barbaric attack. ON behalf of the nation I send my heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were martyred."