Zimbabwe's opposition calls off protest after clampdown

By Doug Mattushek - 18 August 2019Views : 1243

Zimbabwe's opposition movement was forced to call off a peaceful protest after they were met with force by police.

The Movement for Democratic Change is blaming President Emmerson Mnangagwa for the nations current economic woes that include food shortages and power blackouts for as long as 18 hours.

Reuters reports that the MDC called for a nationwide protest, but police warned against doing so, citing that mas protests are currently banned. The MDC then explored the legal option in the courts but failed to have the ban lifted.

When around 100 supporters gathered in downtown Harare on Friday, police met them with water cannons and batons, arresting 91 people in the process.

"Today we didn't want to risk people's lives by continuing to be confrontational because if we had chosen to be confrontational there will be blood in the streets," Nelson Chamisa, the MDC leader, told reporters in Harare.

"We will continue to mobilise but what you are going to see is a mutation of our strategy because when you are facing a confrontational regime you must also use tactics that are going to be above them."

Mnangagwa blames sanctions by the West for sewing the seeds of economic depression and the drought for the ongoing food crisis.