Ndlovu Youth Choir continues to make Mzansi proud

By Oluthando Keteyi - 22 August 2019Views : 994

It must that African Butter! Mzansi's Ndlovu Youth Choir has made it to the semi-finals of America's Got Talent.

The South African choir caught Mzansi’s attention following their stellar performance on the show that saw them receive a standing ovation. The video of their audition on the show received over five million views.

The choir, that has been making the entire country proud, shared the good news on Twitter.

"We’re through to the semifinals of America's Got Talent, the worlds' biggest show. We’re living the dream and loving every moment of it. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports us, we love you back!."

The choir making it to the semi-finals has made a lot of people proud, especially those in Mzansi, as they have flown the country's flag high and proud.

The South African government took to Twitter to thank the choir for " putting the Moutse Village and South Africa on the world stage."