Fans in their feelings after Cassper postpones #FillUp announcement

By Chanice Jennike - 25 August 2019Views : 454

Cassper Nyovest fans are in their feelings after the rapper postponed the announcement of his #FillUp series... again!

The rapper teased fans with a video based on the next #FillUp concert featuring his bestie, Carpo. 

In the video, Carpo begs Cassper for the date in which the concert would be happening but Cassper dismisses his claims and said that the date will be announced soon. 

The rapper then took to Twitter and told fans that he will be announcing a date at 6 pm that day.

But as hours went by, the rapper failed to make the exciting announcement. 

Cassper then took to social media and told fans that no announcements will be made and said that he is " sad" and wished he could explain the feeling. 

“I'm so sorry. I need to keep a strong head and I know one thing. God's delay isn't God's denial,” he said. 

The delay did not sit well with fans and had many in their feelings after he did not make the announcement. 

"Bra we hear the delay thingy but when will you announce the date then this is starting to get too much mufasa ...officer there he is, he's toying with our feelings (sic)," one fan wrote. 

Another claimed that Cassper was extremely smart to delay his announcement. 

"But bro this delaying seems like a stunt.... The more u delay the more u kill the fans with the wait! The day u gonna announce it its gonna get alot of clout, u smart! (sic)"