Gigi Lamayne talks leaving a footprint in Mzansi Hip Hop

By Oluthando Keteyi - 28 August 2019Views : 435

Gigi Lamayne is a role model to many young South African women as she has carved a name for herself in hip hop, not only in Mzansi but Africa, whilst remaining true and authentic to herself.

In 2019, Gigi made history by hosting a first of its kind show, The Gigi Gang Show, a platform curated to showcase the best of Mzansi female rap talent.

Fifi Cooper, Nadia Nakai, Nokwazi, Mpumi, Rouge and Moozlie are just some of the artists who took to the stage at Elkah Stadium on May 4.

The Gigi Gang Show was a monumental moment, not only for Gigi but for the culture that is hip hop in Mzansi.

Gigi explains that the show meant that she got to make history for her country and gender.

"This meant that I could give hope to young women who dream of doing half as much as the men do. I will be hosting the show annually and this means I can now compete with fellow business people as an active member of the music economy," she says.

Gigi during her time in the Mzansi spotlight has faced bad publicity, with naysayers always having a critical word about the young woman’s dress sense or her battle with mental illness or anything else they believe is ‘wrong’ with her. But she has risen above the negativity.

Young women entering the entertainment industry should "be unapologetic!" she insists.

"Kick down the door. Remain humble. Remain you," is her motto, and something she has always practised herself.

Gigi has always created music that is honest; music that her fans can always relate to and always has them wanting more.

With four albums, Colour of Reign, i-Genesis, Warrior, Ground Zero and two EPs VI and Job Woods, Gigi has quite an impressive music catalogue under her belt.

‘The Bozza’ hitmaker, explains to SA Breaking News that her "music process is also affected by the stories around my environment and whatever cause is important to me".

When it comes to creating music, Gigi "live(s) in the moment!"

"The beat and production are equally as important and whatever spews from my mind, is often the most original. I will then look to go on in whatever direction seems natural to me," she explains.

In July, Gigi gave fans her latest music offering Job Woods, a 10 track EP, which is inspired by the book of Job, a story of a man who lost everything yet remained committed to his faith, and by Tiger Woods' magnificent return to professional golf after injury troubles.

Gigi says she believes; "music is a powerful and fluid tool,” which, if “used in the right ways can change the way people think and feel.

“Nowadays hip hop music lacks storytelling substance. It’s up to us to tell our stories. Many issues such as mental health are vital conversations we still shy away from. I decided to tell my story on Job Woods as it was a familiar expression tool but moreover because it was therapeutic, sincere and relatable for my audience.

Having struggled with mental health issues in the past and having shared her experiences with her fans, Gigi says she has now learned how "important it is to control one’s space and environment".

"I am happier and living for what matters. I cleaned out a lot of the rubble, inclusive of energies that weren’t good for me. I practice a lot of self-love. "

Gigi is currently working on a documentary, which will allow fans into the 25-year-old’s world, and she has an album in the pipeline for release in 2020.

The star explains that she and her team "are creating a timeless, spaceless piece of material which will reside in the hearts of fans for years to come".

"The documentary can be expected anytime before the end of the year or beginning of 2020."