Somizi hits back at fans claiming Mohale doesn't love him

By Chanice Jennike - 29 August 2019Views : 5681

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo has finally hit back at rumours claiming that his fiancé Mohale is not in love with him and that he is just in it for the money.

Fans started questioning Mohale’s love for Somizi following an interesting episode on Living the Dream with Somizi

The episode left fans with mixed emotions, claiming that Somizi should open his eyes when it comes to their relationship. 

"To be honest Somizi needs to understand that Mohale is not Inlove with him and is using him to pursue his dreams. I’m sorry for my honest opinion," one user wrote. 

Somizi chose to ignore the backlash about his better half's intentions but it seems he has had enough!

Responding to a fan's comment, Somizi said that he has been "quiet for too long" and that he has had enough of people "assuming" and " dictating" how Mohale should love him. 

"All of you saying such, you don’t sleep next to me, you don’t wake up next to me. You don’t know how moody and cranky I become. You have never smelt my morning breath."

He went on to say, "Have you ever wondered why I was attracted to him in the first place? Have you thought about how I could never date my duplicate? How we are completely different people and personalities. How his calm demeanour turns me on. Have you ever considered the fact that I’m older and wise enough to know when I’m not truly loved? Have you ever? But qhubekani." 

Check out the open letter Somizi dedicated to "jealous B#t*%" below. 

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Me me me me. Open letter to jealous B#t*% @mohale_77

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