Zodwa 'irons out' her cellulite and dimples to look younger

By Chanice Jennike - 29 August 2019Views : 4150

Zodwa Wabantu is fast becoming a fan of body enhancements and it seems like spending the cash in order to get that perfect body is no problem at all!

She's known for being extremely open with her followers and this doctor's trip was no different. 

Zodwa recently shared with her fans that she decided to 'fix' her cellulite and dimples. 

The dancer and reality TV star posted a video on social media showing her latest doctor's visit. 

"This machine is a Vela Smooth Machine, it is also called a body iron. Irons out cellulite and dimples. Tightens skin in butt, arms, stomach, things," she wrote. 

She went on to say, "No more loose skin perform at your best, rejuvenate, age backwards, look younger (sic)".

 Watch the video below.