Euphonik claims men are trash, Bonang responds

By Doug Mattushek - 04 September 2019Views : 677

DJ Euphonik has given his opinion on the recent wave of gender based violence sweeping across Mzansi.

The popular DJ took to twitter, simply saying that "We are trash" referring to men. Shortly after, Euphonik's ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba responded with "Nonke", meaning "all of you".

Fans then jumped on the interaction, reminding Euphonik of previous allegations that he physically abused Bonang while they were together. The public figure laid charges against Euphonik in 2012, but later dropped them altogether.

The twar didn't end there, as Euphonik reminded Bonang that this is a crisis and not a media opportunity.

"Haha, Slam dunk! I forget you're not normal. THIS IS A CRISIS. It's not an opportunity to SEEK RELEVANCE or to TREND. All men are trash! Sonke! Anyways… good hanging with you the entire time you were in Ibiza this weekend. Come again soon," he tweeted.

Euphonik has since deleted the tweet.