Magashule: This is not xenophobia

By Doug Mattushek - 05 September 2019Views : 3721

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule is blaming thugs and criminals, rather than xenophobia, for the current wave of violence sweeping across the nation.

Magashule was speaking at the Tshwane University of Technology, just kilometres away from where shops were looted and set ablaze earlier this week. Addressing the SA Students Congress ahead of the student representative council elections on Thursday, Magashule blamed criminals for the violence.

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"This is not xenophobia, even South Africans are getting killed...thugs are taking chances," News24 quotes him as saying.

"What I know, which is factual, is that our presidents, the presidents of Africa are talking, and they have analysed this correctly. They know what is happening. It is not acts of xenophobia, it's acts of criminality.

"Criminals are actually seizing the opportunity to do [wrong] ... that's why we say police must act very harshly against criminals."

What is certain is that both foreign and local shops were looted in Johannesburg and Pretoria, with residents calling for action against drug syndicates.