Angie Motshekga says 'no, no, no' to bringing back death penalty

By Chanice Jennike - 06 September 2019Views : 917

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said that reinstating the death penalty is not a good idea. 

On Thursday, IFP MP Zandile Majozi said that South Africa has the highest rate of femicide in the world and that the statistics are alarming. 

"The culture of abuse and killing of women in this country has a long-standing history. It has been ingrained in the very fibre of our society. It is time to put an end to it," Majozi said during the sitting of the National Assembly.

Majozi said that because of the increase in murders and rapes of women in South Africa the whole house must support the IFP's motion of the reinstatement of the death penalty. 

Motshekga, however, disagreed with Majozi saying that only "God gives life and only God can take life". 

"As much as I abhorred apartheid, I despise it to this day for the hanging – of taking the lives of young people in the gallows."

"I abhor, detest and will never in my life support any government that will take it in its hands [the right] to kill people for any reason. So, we'll never support the death sentence for anything. It's a no, no, no," she said.