Maimane: We are a nation in crisis

By Doug Mattushek - 06 September 2019Views : 628

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane spoke of a nation in crisis during Thursday's debate in parliament.

Maimane was speaking in the wake of widespread looting across Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as mass protests against gender-based violence in Cape Town.

"There is no doubt we are a nation in crisis," he told parliament.

"As we speak, large parts of Gauteng are a war zone as attacks on foreign nationals continue unabated. Women and children are being raped and murdered every day. Truck drivers have become sitting ducks in ongoing attacks and children disappear from their homes.

"Enough is enough. We are a country at war with itself.

"And in the background to this chaos, the massive shadow of unemployment hangs over our society. Almost four out of every ten South Africans can’t find work."

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Maimane went on to blame a leading ANC that is too busy infighting to govern effectively.

"They need to know that the reason for our crisis is not because there is something wrong with us as a nation, but because we have a government paralysed by factions and fights," he continued.

"We need to reform our politics. We need to reform our economy. And we need to reform our society.

"The ball is now in your court, President Ramaphosa. You know what needs to be done. And you know you have an ally in the DA if you choose to act."