Boity seeks advice after man she helped confessed to using money for drugs

By Chanice Jennike - 09 September 2019Views : 1024

Boity is devastated after a guy she was assisting financially admitted that he was using the money she had been giving him to purchase drugs. 

The media personality said that the Alexandra man made the shocking confession after she helped him for a year. 

Boity decided to share the story on Twitter and many fans were left speechless by the incident. 

"I have encountered so many people that I have been blessed to assist and they mostly leave me feeling humbled and grateful. But at times, I am left feeling helpless. I have been financially helping a young man from Alex for the past year and today he just called me to apologize," she wrote. 

Boity said that the man confessed to using the money to buy drugs and is now begging her to help him get into rehab. 

"I am so gutted and conflicted. Haai eh eh. Dunno why I'm sharing this but yeah. I'm very sad."

She then asked her followers for advice on how to handle the situation.

"What do I do?"

Twitter wasted no time and gave Boity some advice that might help her in this situation. 

One user told Boity that things happen for a reason and that God "makes no mistakes". She told Boity that if she decides to help another person, she should purchase groceries and clothing instead of sending money. 

"God doesn't make mistakes, maybe you were put in his life to help him realize that drugs are not the way, assist him into getting into rehab, and next time instead of giving him money buy groceries and clothes and give that to him instead