Teacher involved in Amy'Leigh's kidnapping allegedly 'owed money to drug dealers'

By Chanice Jennike - 09 September 2019Views : 2498

A teacher reportedly involved in the kidnapping of six-year-old Amy'Leigh de Jager allegedly owed money to drug lords.

The Laerskool Kollegepark teacher was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the kidnapping of Amy'Leigh. 

A man who claims to be the teacher's father confirmed that his daughter was the mastermind behind Amy'Leigh's kidnapping in a Whatsapp voice note that was sent to the family. 

"I just wanted to tell you, so that you don't hear it from someone else - the mastermind behind the kidnapping of that little girl (Amy'Leigh) was my child. She organised the entire thing with the others, but she was the mastermind."

He went on to say that his daughter desperately needed the money to pay back drug dealers. 

"They locked them up [on Wednesday] night. I didn't know this, but she [uses] narcotics, and she needed money to pay the people (drug dealers). I just wanted to tell you so that you don't get a shock when you hear that it was my child. So, the news has been broken and now you know. Have a good day." 

News24 said that a family member confirmed that the voice note was authentic. 

Amy'Leigh was snatched from her mother's car in front of the school in Vanderbijlpark last week Monday. She was found on Tuesday morning. 

According to reports, the teacher was friends with Amy'Leigh's mother. Posts on social media show pictures of the two together, suggesting that the two are friends.

The woman cannot be named until she appears in court.