Trevor Noah agrees with Julius Malema on xenophobic attacks

By Chanice Jennike - 10 September 2019Views : 2583

Comedian Trevor Noah gave his stamp of approval to EFF leader Julius Malema regarding his thoughts on xenophobic attacks in the country. 

Noah recently shared a video of Malema during a press briefing regarding where xenophobic attacks could lead to. 

In the video, Malema says that he believes that once the attacks are done with foreign nationals, South Africans will then turn against smaller tribes in the country.

"You are justifying crime and you are giving it nice names called xenophobia and Afrophobia. It's crime! It must be dealt with as such," he said. 

Noah shared the video on Twitter and said that he fully agreed with Malema. 

"I don’t always agree with Julius Malema but this statement on Xenophobic attacks in SA is perfect," Trevor wrote on Twitter. 

The EFF leader ends the video by stating that UCT student Uyinene's murder accused was a South Africa. 

Watch the full video below.