UN releases worrying report on climate change

By Doug Mattushek - 25 September 2019Views : 584

The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned rising seas levels are more extreme than originally thought.

The IPCC report was compiled by over 100 scientists from 80 countries that gathered evidence from over 7000 academic papers on climate change. At the crux of the report is the prediction that sea levels could rise by as much as 100cm by 2100, with the low estimate being 61cm.

The report notes that this will affect over one billion people that live on the coasts.

However, the melting glaciers will also affect those inland. The myriad of glaciers in the Himalayas that feed ten crucial rivers in some of the most populated areas on Earth are disappearing. The enormous Ganges and Yangtze rivers, the lifeblood to millions, could dry up.

Global warming is also impacting the oceans, as it starves the upper layers of the water of oxygen, killing marine life and disrupting the circulation of ocean currents which impacts weather on land. The oceans have been responsible for absorbing much of the heat, but they are reaching critical mass.

Michael Meredith, an oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey and one of the report's authors, says that the world has to act immediately on carbon emissions.

"Everybody in the world will be affected by the changes we are seeing," Meredith, told Reuters.

"The key thing that's coming out of the report is that we have a choice. The future isn't set in stone."