Xenophobia: Nig-SA Unity Forum provides platform for healing

By Doug Mattushek - 25 September 2019Views : 709

The Nig-SA Unity Forum is set to provide a platform for healing following the recent wave of xenophobic attacks.

The Forum consists of both local from Mzansi and Nigerian foreign nationals. African Christian Democratic Party Leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe is one of the leaders hosting the gathering, which seeks to foster relationships that have been affected by the violence.

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A total of 13 people died in the attacks, which also saw foreign-owned shops looted and burned. In response, hundreds of Nigerins fled South Africa.

"We felt that it is important to try to reconcile the two groups and other nationals," Meshoe told The Sowetan.

"Nigerians contributed to the liberation of South Africa…We think that we need to retain relations with them.

"Obviously we know that there are some Nigerians in the country who have been caught in illegal activity including drug dealing. But it is not correct to paint the whole nation with the same brush.

"People from Nigeria are aware that there some of their nationals who have harmed relations in South Africa by getting involved in illegal activity. They are not hiding that. Apologies will be from both side. Both sides have a reason to apologise."