Your weekly dose of stress relief : Volume 17

By Doug Mattushek - 02 October 2019Views : 1102

In partnership with Health Grinder, SA Breaking News will be publishing weekly tips and tricks to help reduce your stress levels...

52. Try Out Calligraphy

If you enjoy art or appreciate the different designs of your computer’s fonts, you might like to try your hand at calligraphy.

As a side note, it was Steve Jobs’ study of calligraphy during his earlier years that led him to add the text styling feature of having different fonts into the Mac way back when.

Today, we can’t live without all the different font styles.

Aside from developing your artistic lettering abilities, calligraphy helps calm the mind and body as it lets you focus on more than just lettering and symbols.

The art involves graceful, precision movements, along with spatial conception and position. It’s goal – creating harmony between the letters and symbols you write down.

Hong Kong researchers found that practicing Chinese calligraphy handwriting helped reduced the levels of stress in the participants. During the 8 week trial, the calligraphy group experienced decreases in heart rate, blood pressure and EMG activity.

53. Stop and Smell the Flowers, Literally

You’ve probably heard the term “stop and smell the roses.”

While the phrase may be cliché, taking it more literally will help you lower your anxiety and stress levels.

A study done by Austrian researchers observed that the complex, natural odors of flowers induced calmness and improved the moods of the participants.

The subjects were made to go through various blooming flowers in gardens to see how the outdoor odors of nature affected mood and stress.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed or filled with anxiety, step out into your garden to go the park and smell some flowers. It will help calm you down.

54. Take a Long Bath… with Epsom Salts

While a long warm bath in your tub feels great to soothe aching muscles at the end of the night, try taking it up a notch by adding Epsom salts.

Epsom salts contain magnesium, which is one of the minerals that are effective in bringing about stress relief and relaxation.

They’re anti-inflammatory, and offer an added benefit of replenishing magnesium in our bodies – they’re absorbed quickly through our skin.

Absorption via our skin’s pores allows our body to absorb the mineral better than the slower process of digestion. This makes it efficient.

In turn, the magnesium produces that mind calming feeling and relaxation.

Research provided by the University of Birmingham’s Medical School in the U.K. found that spending just 12 minutes in an Epsom salt bath quickly increases magnesium levels. And by the 7th bath, there was a significant increase in participants’ magnesium levels. This shows that epsom salt baths are a quick way to replenish magnesium deficiency.

Another option for increasing your magnesium stores are via magnesium oil which is applied topically on the skin.

Of course, you can always start with a simple Epsom salt foot soak.