Mboweni's shoes trigger Mzansi

By Doug Mattushek - 03 October 2019Views : 8750

The curious case of Finance minister Tito Moboweni’s shoes has resulted in a storm on social media.

An image has been circulating on social media of Mboweni strutting around at the ANC NEC meeting in rather forlorn looking shoes with a big grin on his face.

The move seems to be apart of campaign to show Mzansi that he is living on the cheap, implicating he is not wasting any of the tax-payers money. Previously, the minister has tweeted pictures of him flying economy class, eating a tin of Lucky Star pilchards for dinner and cooking other basic home-cooked meals.

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Some tweeps are on to him, saying that this is all just a publicity stunt. Nonetheless, #NationalTitoDay was high on the trends list on Thursday morning.

People were offering Mboweni everything from shoe polish to new shoe specials, with plenty laughing emojis being thrown around. People also tweeted pictures of their own work shoes in solidarity.

Here are some other reactions from the twitterverse...

I actually don't see anything wrong with the minister wearing what he's comfortable with, and also not being flashy. It means that he's probably more about the job than caring about spending money on expensive shoes and clothes #nationaltitoday - @LezMhambi

It looks like my favorite Minister Mboweni walked from Magoebaskloof to Johannesburg to attend #ANCNEC media briefing. - @Mmadikgosi_23

More than anything this #NationalTitoday should serve as a reminder for people/politicians incl on the importance of being conservative with state finances, by wearing normal everyday shoes Minister shows us the basics - @LoyisoJantjies

The Minister was just reminding us of the old days, the struggle we went though. - @MathabseSeswai