Martin Bester wants to get Sho Madjozi on the Ellen show

By Oluthando Keteyi - 05 October 2019Views : 772

Award-winning, Sho Madjozi joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Friday morning after the success of her hit single, John Cena.

Her track is named after popular wrestler John Cena and has received a lot of international attention. The wrestler himself acknowledged the Tsonga rapper.

John Cena thereafter went onto the Ellen Degeneres show and danced to the song!

Breakfast with Martin Bester realised it would be amazing if Sho Madjozi could visit the Ellen Degeneres show and spoke to The US Embassy in South Africa!

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Sho has expressed her hopes of meeting the popular wrestler as well.

"I hope I meet him one day. I LOVE HIM."