IRR launches #SaveTheOpposition campaign

By Doug Mattushek - 07 October 2019Views : 456

The Institute of Race Relations officially launched its #SaveTheOppostion campaign on Monday.

The think tank's campaign is aimed at the Democratic Alliance and hopes to influence the direction the party is headed. Former leader Helen Zille has indicated she is putting herself up for a key internal role in the party, while current leader Mmusi Maimane is under pressure following poor results in the national elections, results unbecoming of the 'official opposition'.

Last week, IRR analyst and campaigns coordinator Hermann Pretorius wrote an opinion piece, calling for Miamane to step down. The piece also called for Western Cape premier Alan Winde to replace him.

"We at the IRR have been accused of interfering in the affairs of political parties – most recently by the Democratic Alliance," reads a statement on their website.

"But the politicians accusing us of this know very well that it is the function of a think-tank to do so. We 'interfere' in the affairs of business, the government, and political parties all the time to win their support for policies that will ensure South Africa's success and the prosperity of all its people.

"We raise money to pursue the defence of liberal principles and almost 10 000 people have joined us to do exactly that. The DA proclaims to be a liberal party, and as liberals we will hold them to that."

Meanwhile, Maimane questioned the IRR's place in politics.

"I think it's quite extraordinary that a think tank would issue a candidate for a political party and actually denote the race of that candidate," he told News24 last week.