Family discovers human skull while on holiday in Eastern Cape

By Chanice Jennike - 08 October 2019Views : 484

Police are investigating after a human skull was found at Boknes in the Eastern Cape.

The skull was found on Sunday. 

According to reports, a man on holiday was in the company of his family walking along beach close to the lagoon when he came across the skull.

"He initially thought (it) was a round stone and started to dig around and discovered that it was the skull of a human being".  

The Local SAPS were immediately notified and when they arrived at the scene, they discovered more remains. 

"The bones which were retrieved will be forwarded to the Department of Health: Forensics Department for further analysis," a police statement read. 

An inquest docket has been opened for investigation.

"According to our records, no person has been reported missing in the area. Detectives are trying to establish the identity of the victim."