Stenson parts ways with his trusty 3-wood

By Doug Mattushek - 09 October 2019Views : 116

Henrik Stenson has retired one of the most trusted clubs in his bag, his metronomic Callaway 3-wood.

The Diablo Octane Tour 3-wood was the mainstay in Stenson's bag and he used it regularly off the tee with alarming length and accuracy. Such was its proficiency that it helped the Swede win the 2013 FedEx Cup, the 2016 Open Championship, a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics and become a regular top-ten golfer.

But earlier this week, Stenson noticed the face of his newest 3-wood was caving in and the club was no longer playable. As such, he has begun trying out new models and so far the 13.5 degree Callaway Epic Flash Zero is in pole position.

"It's always sad when one of the trusties has to retire," the European Tour veteran told

"I think the efficiency of this new one will probably be better than the one I had been using. The old stuff is out and the new stuff is in."

While the new models are obviously more forgiving, it’s the familiarity that Stenson is after.

"If you're standing there on the 72nd hole and you've got to hit a shot to position yourself to win the tournament, you don't want to have something you picked up two days ago," Stenson continued.

"You want to have something you hit 5000 shots with."