Teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with minor in Orania

By Chanice Jennike - 09 October 2019Views : 681

A teacher at a school in Orania has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a minor. 

The man's arrest was confirmed to News24 by chairperson of the board of the Volkskool Orania, Carel Boshoff.

"The principal of Volkskool Orania, Anje Boshoff, became aware of the allegations on September 16 when members of the SAPS's Child Protection Unit visited the school to investigate a case of child molestation against a student teacher," Boshoff said in a statement. 

Boshoff said that the accused, who is a science teacher, was in Johannesburg at the time of the investigation "completing practical studies". 

Orania is a whites-only town in the Northern Cape . 

Following a meeting of the management committee, the accused received the letter when he returned to Orania on September 21. 

He was arrested on September 23 and has been charged with statutory rape but has not yet pleaded to the charge.