US deny involvement as Turkey offence continues

By Doug Mattushek - 10 October 2019Views : 409

Turkey has moved its armed forces deeper into Syrian territory as the United States deny any wrongdoing.

Reuters reports that following the removal of US forces from the northern border area, Turkish commandos have pushed deeper into Kurdish territory east of the Eupharates river.

While US President Donald Trump’s own Republican Party has condemned him for abandoning the Syrian Kurds - allies of the West in the fight against ISIS - the US denied any involvement in the offensive.

The BBC reports that when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked about allowing Turkey to advance on the region, he denied it.

"Yeah that's just false," said Pompeo.

"The United States didn't give Turkey a green light."

Meanwhile, Trump told a press conference that it is not America's fight.

"The Kurds are fighting for their land...As somebody wrote in a very powerful article today, they didn't help us in the Second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy as an example," said Trump.

"But they were there to help us with their land, and that's a different thing. With all of that being said we like the Kurds."

The Turkish military revealed that no less than 181 Kurdish militia target had been struck via its air-force and artillery since the start of the operation.

"Our heroic commandos taking part in Operation Peace Spring are continuing to advance east of the Euphrates," the Defence Ministry wrote on Twitter on Thursday.